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Ichumon: What Am I Results

gamewhatami.jpg Last week's round of What Am I has ended.

The item description was: A freshly picked leek, great for soups.
The answer was: Stick of Leek.

21 out of 22 Ichuans answered correctly.

A new round of What Am I has started. Good luck!

Sensipets: Dainen of the Yesteryears

Afternoon Sensifolks!

Hope that you are having a fabulous week so far. Only two more days till the weekend!! Just wanted to quickly remind everyone that we have only 4 more hours for you to vote on your favorite Serpens fan art submission. We are right now sitting at a 2 way tie with @TiffyTiff and @Rattlecat Wonder who's gonna take the lead... or is another submission going to grab last minute fandom?? We'll find out at 8 PM EST tonight!

We've already started getting submissions for the Dainen fan art contest and they are ADORABLE! If you haven't had the opportunity to check them out, please go to the contest section in the forums and do so. You'll be pleaseantly suprised!

For today's post, I wanted to show everyone the Dainen art from back in the day. We absolutely love the glow up that @ArtsyAxolotl did for the Dainen! Check it out °

What do you think about the Dainen's transformation??

One of our favorite personality traits about the Dainen would be it's initial shyness when they meet new people. It is so cute to see them hide behind their owner when introduced to new friends. Don't worry, the shyness is quickly dimenished when they start to play with their new friends!

Hope you have a great rest of the week and happy gardening!!

@Heffrad & @Howey

Ichumon: Lottery

ticket.pngCongratulations to Tim, who has just won the Ichu Lottery! The jackpot was worth 53,500 iP and the item prize was Magical Sprout Ignomi Mirror Shard!

This week's item prize will be Magical Black Lepardos Mirror Shard! Lottery is drawn every Wednesday.

Wajas: New Feature: Friend Notes

Today we're trying out an experimental feature that lets you attach a brief note to the people in your Friend List. Notes are limited to 120 characters so you can't get too wordy, but that should be enough for a reminder why they were added, or that they have a great Craft Shop for example. [site-image id="79"] Last week that page got a bit of an update and your Friend List and Block List each got their own tab. That wasn't newsworthy enough to warrant a post, but with Notes now out of testing it's probably worth a short, uh, note about them :)

Powerpets: Most Caring People!

Congratulations to the following people for handing out the most treats and toys this month:
First Place: QueenFlower
Second Place: eblair7

If you want to win, hand out as many treats and toys to other pets as you can! The next draw will be on the 15th of next month.

Lythbound: Companion Advent Sale and Azyrei's Artifacts

september-advent.png Lythbound: Companion Guest Advent Sale

A selection of companions have arrived! These guest artist-designed companions will be made available on the day shown on top of their silhouette.

TIMELINE: September 16th through September 25th
- Designs will be posted according to the number shown in the preview, at 17:00:00 site time. They will be available for varied sale methods on their own listings.
(All days will contain more than one design -- one sillhouette is shown for display purposes.)

Azyrei's Artifacts


Azyrei has arrived and is offering Loonoles (and other items) to those wily enough to beat him at his new game ¢ Azyrei's Artifacts.

Azyrei's Artifacts can be played once per day, and winning Loonoles or items from this game does not contribute to the daily Arcade limit. To win, take the final artifact before Azyrei does!
(Items may be received from this game when winning but are not guaranteed.)

Azyrei is an NPC created based on Kella Ser KS9. His legacy will carry on in the absence of a dear friend and his existence is dedicated to her as well.

Halloween Sales Event Sign-Up

We are seeking guest artists for a Halloween-themed sales event, to be posted at the end of October. This will be a gacha-style event, where designs are randomly rolled, with flat prices decided upon by accepted participants. Please sign up if you would be interested in participating and completing 1 playable species design (and 1 optional companion design) by a deadline of October 20th, 2021.

  • Date Posted: 2021-09-14
  • Posted By: Lythbound
  • Link: Original Post

Pocket Puma Pets: And the winners are......

Posted for the HULA contest!
Hula Hula!

Congrats to the winners!!

  • Date Posted: 2021-09-14
  • Posted By: PhantomFire
  • Link: Original Post

IcePets: Brand New Bandit Masks!

Black Bandit Mask

Whether your Pet is a jewel thief, a treasure hunter, or a phantom thief trickster, they will certainly love these revamped Bandit Masks!

Blue Bandit MaskRed Bandit MaskYellow Bandit Mask

Don't these look stunning? The Black, Blue, Red, and Yellow Bandit Masks of the have been given snazzy new art! These would be fantastic for Phantasmoire, or any cosplay event!

Note: The "Bandit Mask" has received a name change to "Black Bandit Mask".

Green Bandit MaskWhite Bandit Mask

As you can see above, we've also added two new masks to the collection- the Green Bandit Mask and the White Bandit Mask. You can find these two, and all the others, at the Grooming Parlour.

If you are having trouble seeing the new artwork, try doing a hard refresh using Ctrl+F5 on Windows or Cmd+Shift+R on Mac.

Powerpets: Aquarium Weekly Winner

The bait has been hooked, fishing line cast and we have caught Melusina for this weeks aquarium contest winner!


¢¢Remember, make sure you feed and care for your fish/tank and collect your nessies bonus daily, if you want a chance to win next week!

Powerpets: Miles Magic Box

It's time to head over to Miles Magic Box and see if you can figure out which item is depicted by the artistic rendering. If you do before next week, you'll win a cool prize!

Sensipets: Pet Spotlight of the Week: Dainen

Gooood Afternoon, Everyone!

We hope everyone had an excellent weekend, and we know that we are excited to be back from our short (but needed) vacation. The Serpens fan art images look BEATUIFUL and love all of the reactions they are getting by you all! Remember, the artwork with the most reactions by Wednesday @ 8pm EST will be our winner for the contest. Make sure you check out the art work if you haven't already.

This week will be all about the pet:


Dainen's can always be found having a good time outside. Their favorite thing to do is to chase down tennis balls that their owner throws (sometimes almost too much °). Sometimes Dainen's like to race other pets, since they have speed both on the ground, as well as in the air. An indistinguishable feature of this playful pet is it's sense of smell. It has been known by many to use their Dainen's to track down different delicious berries and fruits that can be found in the forest. Sometimes, if you get lucky, your Dainen can find some really rare items in the forest by sniffing them out! You do have to be careful, though, since they sometimes loose focus and are found trying to chase lizards and squirrels °¬

And of course! We will be having our weekly fan art contest. We are excited to see what your interpretation is for this lovable, playful pet! The rules for the contest will be the same as last weeks. All submissions will be due by this Sunday at 8 PM EST and the winner will be decided upon by the most reactions on the post. You'll have until Wednesday, September 22 at 8 PM EST to react to your favorite post. The winner will get a whopping 1,000 tickets to the Ticket Counter! Good luck everyone!!!

Stay tuned for more Dainen info and images throughout the week!

@Heffrad & @Howey 

Powerpets: Drink Matey!

Do you ever wonder what pirates drink on their long ocean journeys? Well wonder no more, the Hydration Station now stocks the most exclusive Skull Brews, so your pets can have a taste of a pirate's life.

Let's see if they like Blueberry Bruise, Liquid Treasure or Mushroom skull brews. Perhaps your pet is a bit more daring, and they will try some Pirate Snot, Salt Rock, Salt Water or Unicorn Urine skull brews! The most daring might even try a Seductive Siren - though they may be hooked on that for life, or cost them their life. Who knows. There's only one way to find out.


Powerpets: Get on board!

Day after day they kept searching. Each evening they would go back to the ship, where the Cook made dinner and gave them a special Pirate Brew.

"I keep thinking someone is watching us, whenever we are in the caves." Trunks said on the 4th day. "Me too," Rummy said "I keep smelling something or someone too, but can't seem to find it."
"I thought it was my imagination," d4rk said. "Is this how it used to feel like for you guys, First Mate?" "Yes, I do remember getting that weird feeling of being watched, but we are inside a giant skull.¢

On day 5 of cave searching, most tunnels have been searched. Besides the many bones, stones and a coin here or there, not much is found.

"Just a few more and the entire skull has been searched." "I hope we find something or someone. That note must have come from somewhere and this looks like the best place it came from.¢

They divided in smaller groups, now that only 2 side tunnels and the main tunnel were left to search. Trunks went into the left tunnel, together with First Mate. Rummy and Gunner went right and d4rk_saga took the main cave with Deckhand.

Both the side tunnels seem to go on and on, except for some small recesses here and there.
After 2 hours, more or less, Trunks hushed First Mate. "I hear something. Stay alert," he whispered.
They moved forward slowly, watching both the way they came and the way they were going, and as they turned the next corner, they face¢¦... Rummy and Gunner.
"You almost gave me a heart attack there, Rummy!" Trunks said.
"Well, I can say the same thing. Sorry though."
"Did you find anything?"
"Nothing. Is there anything interesting on that¢¦."
A yell sounded through the tunnels. They rushed to where they started and into the main cave. That is where that yell must have come from.

D4rk and Deckhand had been walking down the main cave, checking every recess and small chamber on their way. Nothing in there looked very interesting. The hope of finding something was reducing with every step. 'I'm sure there is nothing on this stupid island,' d4rk thought. ¢Nothing scary about this skull, except that feeling of being watched¢.

Even Deckhand was about to give up, when they found a big room, the real main cave. "OH MY GOSH!!!! YES!!!!" d4rk yelled. "TRUNKS!!!! Get over here quickly!!!¢

To d4rk it took way too long, but finally, both groups rushed into the cave, and stopped at the astonishing sight.
"Are these¢¦?" Rummy started
"After all these years, this is where they are!" Trunks exclaimed. And to the pirates: "Did you all know these were here?¢

The pirates said they didn't. Somehow Trunks thinks they are right, if they knew, they would probably have done everything to not reach this island. What pirate would not want to keep a big stash of very old, but still powerful weapons a secret?

They all stowed the weapons into the big bags and went back to the ship. Although they didn't find anyone that could have written the mysterious note, they did find PowerPets' retired weapons. That would make all residents of Powerpets happy.

getonboard.pngOnce everyone and everything was back on board, the ship set sail. Time to return home. "Officer Trunks?" d4rk asked. "Do you think we will have time to check that island over there, that volcano?¢

"I think we could do that, but one of us needs to stay on board to keep an eye on the weapons. I don't want those stolen just when we found them." Trunks said.
"I will stay on board, Sir," Rummy said. "I have had enough of caves for a while and that island is too warm for my liking. And while you are all there, I can also play with my new found bones.¢

Just 4 days after they left Skull Island, they stopped at Volcano Island. Trunks, d4rk_saga, Gunner and First Mate went into yet another cave, a cave inside a volcano. Will they find anything or anyone here?

Skull Island Mystery

Powerpets: Luck of the Draw Winners!

Congratulations to the following winners of Luck of the Draw, winning $100,000 PB :

If you want to be a winner next time, check out the Luck of the Draw - Available at the House of Luck in Badgeria!

Powerpets: Mega Money Madness Winners!

Today's winning Mega Money Madness number is: 5237

There were NO winners.

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