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Celestial Equine: Development updates and more!

Development updates and more!

Spooky updates!

Thank you all for your patience as well have focused on some behind the scenes updates as of late. I am so excited to announce that we have now shifted gears to our User Interface and its necessary updates!

Keep reading this news post for more information on the following:

- Development plans through the new year
- Pending releases

First off, our development updates! Evi has recently resolved issues with pagination in player inventory areas and the trade/auction boards! This has been a long awaited update and is sure to improve player experiences on CE. Big thank you to Evi!

Next up, we will be focusing on updating the flow of player inventory to allow for easier item use/shop stocking. We will also be updating the horse pedigree page to be more appealing!

In addition to the mentioned UI updates, we are also working hard to optimize the mobile views for CE. This is another long awaited update that we are thrilled to get working on.

What areas would you like to see revamped/tweaks? Be sure to post in the comments as we heavily rely on player feedback!

Bug Reporting
We are introducing a new ticket-based bug reporting flow for the Discord chat! The goal here is to have better tracking and organization than we have had in the past. Bugs are increasingly difficult to keep organized and this seems to be an exciting potential solution!

Thank you all for reading this update! Stay tuned for additional news in the near future.

Ichumon: Restock Race

ichumon_restock_trophy_gold.pngichumon_restock_trophy_silver.pngichumon_restock_trophy_bronze.png 1st: Natsu won a Magical Purple Loket Mirror Shard.
2nd: osita won a Fried Ignomi Egg.
They have each also won 10,896 iP and trophies for their profile!

A new Restock Race has begun!
You will need to purchase 15 Ichu Puzzle Piece 23 from the Mushroom Shops before next Saturday. The Ichuan with the fastest time wins. Remember your timer starts with your first purchase of the item, Good luck!

Wajas: Spotlight day 30: Shaggy Gremlins & Vampires

Shaggy Gremlins Vampires Sub Breeds featured in this spotlight! Shaggy Gremlins Subbreed Thread  |  Guild Link Cost to make:  80+ CWP Celebratory Month:  October / Gremlinfest Subbreed Blurb:  Shaggy Gremlins originated in the wilder, untamed corners of the wilderness of Lunaria. Recently some nomadic gremlins have ventured into the more settled parts of this world. These shaggy, mischievous wajas are very secretive and wary of others. It is much more dangerous in the wilds where they come from, and they tend to be slow to warm up to strangers. The founding generation in this new community (gen 1's) of gremlins usually prefer to keep themselves somewhat ambiguous, leaving outsiders to wonder what it means to have a second face. Their society and lifestyle generally encourages it's members to keep it that way as a mysterious means of protection, and they shun drawing too much attention to either of their heads. They

IcePets: The Talityl Lakes Are Clean Once More!

Talytil Lakes Map

The Talytil Lakes are clean once more, and Pets and Companions alike are already flocking to its waters.

"It's excitin' to see the Lakes bustling," Gilbert admits.

"Sure is!" Jacobi says, clapping his paws together. "Look! A Wabby is already exploring the shore -- that Traptur better watch their toes!"

A nearby Yellow Traptur looks up in alarm, then down, and gently pushes the approaching Wabby away with their tail.

"Anyway," Gilbert says. "Thank you all for comin' to help clean up. We couldn't have done it without you."

Aquatic Staff

Congratulations, Terrafrostians, on successfully Cleaning Talytil Lakes, our 2023 Discovery Event! Thank you all for taking part, and for your patience with the many hiccups along the way. We have learned a lot from this experience, and appreciate all of your feedback and support!

Talytil Lakes 2023 TrophyGone Fishing StampAquatic Avatar

All stretch goals were achieved, totaling in over 90,000 points collectively earned by over 100 Terrafrostians! This means everyone who took part will receive the following prizes over the upcoming days:

- Event Avatar
- Event Trophy
- 1x Aquatic Staff
- Discovery Avatar
- 175,000 IcePoints
- 1x Muck Ice Cube
- Event Profile Skin
- 1x Aquatic Snow Jar
- 1x Gone Fishing Stamp
- 7 Days Gold Account Time
- 1x Snapping Seafood Salad
- 1x Alluring Information Book
- 1x Random Aquatic Companion

Chilly Muck Ice CubeMuck Ice CubeMoving Muck Ice Cube
Chilly Gunk Ice CubeGunk Ice CubeMoving Gunk Ice Cube

Introducing the Chilly Muck Ice Cube, Muck Ice Cube, Moving Muck Ice Cube, Chilly Gunk Ice Cube, Gunk Ice Cube, and Moving Gunk Ice Cube -- though the waters are pristine now, it's important to keep on top of it to prevent another mess! This means the occasional Muck and Gunk can still be fished up, and you may even turn them into Ice Cubes at the Ice Box.

Aquatic Zabeu
Aquatic LugraAquatic Ridix
Aquatic OriAquatic Krittle

Of course, we can't forget our newest Pet Colour: Aquatic! These Pets were discovered by the Terrafrostian who were the first to fish up their Morphing Potions, and the Aquatic colour itself when the Aquatic Snow Jar was first fished up. Another round of congratulations to @Heaven, @Voermina, @Sumasuun, @Kamisheru14, and @Travis for their discoveries!

We felt this fit the discovery aspect of the event, and future Aquatic Pets will be discovered in the same way!

Aquatic Snow Jar
Aquatic Lugra Morphing PotionAquatic Ridix Morphing PotionAquatic Ori Morphing PotionAquatic Krittle Morphing Potion

The Aquatic Snow Jar, Aquatic Lugra Morphing Potion, Aquatic Ridix Morphing Potion, Aquatic Ori Morphing Potion, and Aquatic Krittle Morphing Potion are all also be available in the I.C.E Shop for 500 IceCash (450 for Gold Accounts) from now until the end of October.


"Howdy," Gilbert says. "This whole thing got me thinkin'. Someone -- not Jacobi, he has his Companion Reserve in the Halipar Jungles to run -- has to keep an eye on the Companions. Make sure they are taken care of, and not compelled to hoard junk in the Talytil Lakes again."

"The Reserve is under control," Jacobi assures. He does not elaborate further.

"So I've decided to open up my own fishin' shop," Gilbert says, ignoring Jacobi. "I'm calling it Gilbert's Lucky Lures, and the proceeds will go towards taking care of the local Companions."

Imit LureEquea Lure
Teuligo LureLake Bloom LureLadon Lure
Simple Colour LurePatterned Colour LureMarvelous Colour Lure

Gilbert's initial stock of lures are the Imit Lure, Equea Lure, Teuligo Lure, Lake Bloom Lure, Ladon Lure, Simple Colour Lure, Patterned Colour Lure, and Marvelous Colour Lure.

These lures all boost -- but do not guarantee! -- the likelihood of fishing up the Companion or Companion Colour they are associated with. All lures are also single-use... but you may use a lure each time you fish, so don't be shy about stocking up!

Note: There is a temporary visual error with lures -- if you select a lure and then fish, it will use it correctly. A fix is in progress!

Alluring Information

With the conclusion of the Discovery Event, we are pleased to announce both the Fishing Skill and Fishing Log!

The initial three Fishing locations will require 0 fishing skill, but any new locations will require a certain amount of skill before you can fish there. The skill cap will increase with each new location.

Any Companions you catch while fishing will be recorded in your Fishing Log, including however many times you do so! (Traded Companions won't count towards your Log... Gilbert will know.)

Who knows what other locations -- and Items -- are just waiting to be discovered...?


Speaking of new Fishing locations, one of the locals has opened up their Lakeside Cottage to experienced anglers!

Wajas: Spotlight day 29: Starchild & Revenant

Starchild Revenant Sub Breeds featured in this spotlight! Starchild Subbreed Thread  |  Guild Link Cost to make:  ~31 CWP Celebratory Month:  October / "Startober" Subbreed Blurb:  All are welcome here! :) Starchildren come in many shapes & sizes and have traveled from far & wide to be here. There is already a large pool of customs so the breeding choices are nearly limitless! We offer 2 varieties - the classic "Starchild" (see below - 1st image) and the inverted "Supernova" (2nd image)! Then, once a year in May we have a "meteor shower" where we breed the 2 together for some more fun outcomes. The guild is free to join as well - come join us! :) Startober is a wonderful time of year where the stars are nice and visible due to the crisp autumn air. It's the best time of the year to find one of your own! All month long (October) we will be celebrating Startober! This includes art raff

Wajas: Staff Hunt Resumes!

We hit a blip yesterday, but C quickly fixed it and the staff apps are working again.  If you're interested in reading more, you can visit this news post .  I'm just posting this since so many had run into the issue.  Thank you to everyone who modboxed it! :) I'm making this one no comments so we can keep all discussions necessary on that other news post. Also - check out the spotlight in the post done earlier this morning for two awesome subs! /Sadi!

Ichumon: Persona of the Week


The Persona of the Week Contest has been judged! Congratulations to raptor_mama on winning this week's competition.

PersonaTrophy.pngThis week's theme: Gamer

Powerpets: Inquiring Minds

The poll booth has a new poll available for you.

This time, we would like to know:
How many of the new books released on Sept 29 do you plan to read?.

Go There: Poll Booth

Thanks for participating!

Powerpets: Luck of the Draw Winners!

Congratulations to the following winners of Luck of the Draw, winning $100,000 PB :

If you want to be a winner next time, check out the Luck of the Draw - Available at the House of Luck in Badgeria!

Powerpets: New Books Released

The following books can now be read and rated if you have them in your bookshelf. Remember, you get paid for rating books, as well as the author!

The Party written by ralmap
Need a Job? written by tamemeimpala
Gekkie and Slime written by Bunchy
Will You Be My Friend? written by tamemeimpala
A Song of Snow written by Giselle
A Fox Helps Pets Escape written by Giselle
Amulet of Revenge written by Giselle
Dream Fighter written by Giselle
Little Wooden Collie written by Giselle
Little Wooden Collie 2 written by Giselle
Little Wooden Collie 3 written by Giselle
Its A Cats Life written by SummerMaple
The World Outside written by Giselle
Vacation Pet written by Giselle
Vacation Pet No More written by Giselle
My Own Mini written by Giselle
Only One Wish written by Ms_Stay_Puft
Finding the Perfect Costume written by Ms_Stay_Puft
A Dare for Sannia written by Drottning
Loony Laws written by -LadyCefni-
How to Write a Resume written by SummerMaple
Joke Zone written by Bunchy

Ichumon: What Am I Results

gamewhatami.jpg Last week's round of What Am I has ended.

The item description was: Sail the seas of Ichua and be a true swashbuckler.
The answer was: Pirate Ship Ribbon.

9 out of 10 Ichuans answered correctly.

A new round of What Am I has started. Good luck!

Wajas: Spotlight day 28: Eye of the Beholders

Eye of the Beholders Sub Breeds featured in this spotlight!   Eye of the Beholders No thread  |  Guild Link Cost to make:  26CWP Celebratory Month:  NA/ Small random events throughout the year Subbreed Blurb:  Do you like chaos? Do you want a subbreed where there are no color, marking order or mutation rules? Then Eyes might just be for you! We welcome all no matter what they look like, for beauty is in the eye of the beholder! While we don't have an official event in October, October is a good time to stock up on Skull DNAs for making Eyes! Examples:  

Wajas: Staff Search! Applications accepted until 10/12 at 11:59 PM!

1-2 Artists for: items for monthly updates and holidays. 1-3 Forum Mods for: helping with events, dealing with reports/related issues. Recruiting For the Wajas Staff team   Light Reading: So you want to be a Mod .¢¥. So you want to be an Artist Hello, hello folks! As you can see, we're on the hunt again for new people to join our staff team! Remember, this is a volunteer position. Above, we've listed the positions we have available and how many people we are looking for. We will be doing things a bit differently this time around though. See below for notes about previous applications submitted, the changes made to the staff application feature, and the changes made to our requests for those looking to join our team: We have rejected all applications submitted before 9/25/2023. This was done to avoid the possibility of considering applications from players that might not be interested in the position anymore o

Powerpets: Snapz!

Congratulations to our Snapz! of the week winner: jandjmom

If you want to have a chance to win next week, make sure to keep your Snapz! updated and current for the season.

Powerpets: Mega Money Madness Winners!

Today's winning Mega Money Madness number is: 8283
Congratulations to the following player for winning the $1903791 PB Jackpot


If you want to be a winner next time, check out the Mega Money Madness under the GAMES icon.

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