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Powerpets: Aquarium Weekly Winner

The bait has been hooked, fishing line cast and we have caught delight for this weeks aquarium contest winner!


¢¢Remember, make sure you feed and care for your fish/tank and collect your nessies bonus daily, if you want a chance to win next week!

Flight Rising: Dev Update: 2022 Goals

We wanted to provide a quick update to our development goals for 2022.

Click here to read the update.

Hello, Flight Rising community!

We're in the final development stages for some really fun stuff (Arlo's Ancient Artifacts, our next Ancient Breed, and more) and can't wait to get those out to you. We also wanted to provide you with a brief update about some development goals we're hoping to achieve in 2022, because we're taking a slightly different approach.

Refactors VS Revamps (For Now)

As many of you know, Flight Rising has been undergoing a code refactor for many years now. Our engineering team has not only been working hard to deliver new features for the game, but also completely rewrite older ones, revamping them in the process (combining popular QOL suggestions from the community and new functional and visual bells and whistles that our team has always wanted to add).

However, for as long as the refactor project has been in progress, it has put the site and our team at somewhat of a disadvantage. Flight Rising is spread across two subdomains and two codebases, which creates a significant amount of extra work and testing every time we want to add a new feature or fix.

For example: If part of a feature revamp touches multiple pages and systems, we very well might need to write code for it two times in two different ways, which drags out not only the development of that revamp, but everything else after it. We also have to write and execute two unique sets of testing, because having redundant code opens us up to more risk for bugs in one or more versions of it.

Internally, having a split codebase also causes logjams for other vital infrastructure work, and can impede Flight Rising from being recognized in the most optimal way in Google searches, etc.

With that in mind, we have made the choice as a team to place revamps on a brief hold and refactor the remaining features as they operate now (i.e. "one to one"), without placing too much time on adding functional improvements to them. Doing straight ports of the remaining features allows us to clean them off our plate far quicker, leading us to wrap up the site refactor sooner, which ultimately enables us to move into working solely on new stuff, which is the most rewarding work for us and for you.

We want to be clear: this does not mean we are ending work on revamping old features, and there may be one or two that still get revamped while they are being refactored (depending on their complexity). We are simply hastening to bring a very long project to a swifter end so that we can move forward with new features and revamps alike.

Because these feature revamps are going to be simply conversions, there likely will be less fanfare surrounding them, but we'll do our best to communicate timetables, and when and if we need some maintenance to deploy them, so that you are prepared.

2022 is going to be a good realignment year for our team, and we're excited to hopefully put a very long, resource-heavy project behind us so that we can really begin on the really fun stuff ahead of us. 415.png

EDIT: We've been getting a few questions asking for a little more clarity on just what we're focusing on. While I can't give you major specifics (the nature of project management changes literally day-to-day and hour-to-hour), here are a few of the things that we're hoping to refactor this year, if we can fit them all in alongside new content and new features:

  • The Dominance standings page
  • Gathering & Gathering Results
  • Clan Profile
  • Nesting Grounds

This list is not all-encompassing, but gives you a glimpse of what we currently think is manageable at this moment in time. We could shorten or add to this list as we continue to meet and evaluate progress.

Ichumon: Danemue Day!

Happy Birthday to all Danemues!

Danemue Birthday Cake

Every Ichumon Species Day Duke will be giving away a Birthday Cake for that day only. Today is no exception! Claim your Danemue Birthday Cake at the Prize Claim Center!

Magical Danemue Berry

On Ichumon Species Days you have a 50% chance of getting that Ichumon's Berry from the Luwhut Tree in Fargo's Forest. If you don't have a Danemue, you can now!


If you have a Danemue enjoy free healing of HP and Diseases at the Heal Center in Lightest Tower all day long for your Danemues.

Wajas: FLASH GAME: Tell me something good.

Hello hello. I'm pretty much phoneward bound today, so figured a quick and easy game was warranted. We're doing a round of "tell me something good." It can be on Wajas or irl, doesn't matter. Be sure to include your ID or you won't win. I will pick 10 users randomly to win a hoot in scarf of their choice. Ends at 12 PM EST (Wajas time). One entry per person! That's all, tata for now. EDITING TO ADD: Once this is done, I will staff only it and draw winners.

Powerpets: Luck of the Draw Winners!

Congratulations to the following winners of Luck of the Draw, winning $100,000 PB :

If you want to be a winner next time, check out the Luck of the Draw - Available at the House of Luck in Badgeria!

Powerpets: Mega Money Madness Winners!

Today's winning Mega Money Madness number is: 1377

There were NO winners.

If you want to be a winner next time, check out the Mega Money Madness under the GAMES icon.

Powerpets: Snowscape Daily Winner

While taking a relaxing sleigh ride through the fresh fallen snow, admiring winters wonderland, we came to a sudden halt!
Our eyes opened wide, dancing in delight, we snuck between trees, to have a closer look.
It was a magical snowscape created by Booyaa. Making this player todays snowscape winner!

CONGRATS! This player has won a FESTIVE TROPHY for their profile and a FREE ACCOUNT UPGRADE!

Sign up here for your chance to win tomorrow!


Third winner of the Winterfest Weekend Lottery decided by "RANDOM.ORG" is

Irishnugget [ 154 ]

Thread is once again open. All those who have NOT won may post an entry again.

ONE entry a WEEK ONLY PLEASE. Doubles will be removed. THX! :)

weekly lottery

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IcePets: Raffle + Trophies

Raffle Result

This weeks raffle was won by Void.

They received 2,996,100 IP!

Game Trophies

The latest trophies have been awarded, and the leaders are as follows:


trophy-catch-gold.pngFirst Place, with a score of 373:

trophy-catch-silver.pngSecond Place, with a score of 265:

trophy-catch-bronze.pngThird Place, with a score of 262:



coined-trophy-gold.pngFirst Place, with a score of 77850:

coined-trophy-silver.pngSecond Place, with a score of 74850:

coined-trophy-bronze.pngThird Place, with a score of 40050:


Ice Breaker

ibb-trophy.pngFirst Place, with a score of 40255:

ibs-trophy.pngSecond Place, with a score of 26970:

ibg-trophy.pngThird Place, with a score of 13080:


Ice Snake

trophy-snakegame-gold.pngFirst Place, with a score of 190:

trophy-snakegame-silver.pngSecond Place, with a score of 125:

trophy-snakegame-bronze.pngThird Place, with a score of 115:


Jar Match

jarmatchtrophy-plain-gold.pngFirst Place, with a score of 1567:

jarmatchtrophy-plain-silver.pngSecond Place, with a score of 1443:

jarmatchtrophy-plain-bronze.pngThird Place, with a score of 1418:


Red vs Blue

RedvsBluetrophy-gold2.pngFirst Place, with a score of 46:

RedvsBluetrophy-silver.pngSecond Place, with a score of 9:

RedvsBluetrophy-bronze.pngThird Place, with a score of 7:


Sharshel Says

sharshel-says-trophy-gold.pngFirst Place, with a score of 12400:

sharshel-says-trophy-silver.pngSecond Place, with a score of 6500:

sharshel-says-trophy-bronze.pngThird Place, with a score of 5060:



trophy-survivor-gold.pngFirst Place, with a score of 188:

trophy-survivor-silver.pngSecond Place, with a score of 152:

trophy-survivor-bronze.pngThird Place, with a score of 128:


Ichumon: Battle Royale

evilddfluff.pngmedalgold-1.pngMiyura won last week's Battle Royale with a time of 61 seconds! All who completed the Battle Royale have been awarded their cP prize and first, second, and third place have also won trophies for their profiles.

Sign up your Ichumon in this week's Battle Royale Contest!

You will need to kill 17 Evil Deathly Fluff in the Battle Royale Map as fast as you can. The quickest user to complete the battles will receive the top prize of 25,000 cP!


Happy New Year! To celebrate, here's a bunch of questions all about things called New. Mr Arbor and I celebrate the New Year by taking drinks outside and watching the fireworks. We don't have many traditions, but this one's my favourite. Tell me about any New Year traditions you love?

Powerpets: Game Trophies!

Congratulations to the following Card Game Trophy Winners:
First Place Card Player: Diosa
Runner Up Card Player: Spryntz

If you want to be a winner, play the card games bonus games!

Dicey Mice Badges
Dicey Mice Diamond Badge: joey11

Dicey Mice Titanium Badge: Abbyss

Dicey Mice Leather Badge: willempie

Mini Match Badges
Mini Match Diamond Badge: fireheartone

Mini Match Titanium Badge: misty-dreamer

Mini Match Leather Badge: MizTik

Crash Extreme Badges
Crash Extreme Diamond Badge: ShaddixWolf

Crash Extreme Titanium Badge: chiquitabonita8

Crash Extreme Leather Badge: Selene33

Mini Bubbles Badges
Mini Bubbles Diamond Badge: -tiger-tiger-

Mini Bubbles Titanium Badge: Gramoo

Mini Bubbles Leather Badge: Newtatious

Bubbas Blocks Badges
Bubbas Blocks Diamond Badge: Selene33

Bubbas Blocks Titanium Badge: ElementalCS

Bubbas Blocks Leather Badge: MeliAnni

Powerpets: Snowscape Daily Winner

While taking a relaxing sleigh ride through the fresh fallen snow, admiring winters wonderland, we came to a sudden halt!
Our eyes opened wide, dancing in delight, we snuck between trees, to have a closer look.
It was a magical snowscape created by fifercats. Making this player todays snowscape winner!

CONGRATS! This player has won a FESTIVE TROPHY for their profile and a FREE ACCOUNT UPGRADE!

Sign up here for your chance to win tomorrow!

IcePets: Time for New Prizes!

Confetti 2

NovoonAnsvin Novyn BalloonNovyn Dancer Figurine

We hope you didn't pop all those balloons you collected from Pinata Mania, because it's time to roll in some new prizes! The old consolation prizes have been replaced with brand new Items for the new year. If you want your chance to find them all, and perhaps collect some spares, you better get smashing! Pinata Mania will run until January 23rd 23:59:59 IcePets Time, so you'll have a chance to grab these Items until then.

Ansvin Novyn OnsieNovyn Berry Pie

Confetti 1

Ichumon: Restock Race

ichumon_restock_trophy_gold.pngichumon_restock_trophy_silver.pngichumon_restock_trophy_bronze.png 1st: Tim won a Red Piano Keyboard.
2nd: silverbolt33191 won a TeeniWeeni Red Skoilo Figureeni.
3rd: MythicalBat
They have each also won 12,096 iP and trophies for their profile!

A new Restock Race has begun!
You will need to purchase 10 Blue Cup of Coffee from the Mushroom Shops before next Saturday. The Ichuan with the fastest time wins. Remember your timer starts with your first purchase of the item, Good luck!

Use the "Contact" link for more information