Review - The best pet site
What is your overall opinion of the game?
Rating: 5 - Amazing
It's a small, but growing site with a lot of games and new being added daily with the most awesome community

What do you think of the artwork?
Rating: 5 - Amazing
The art is polishes and items come from different artists and offer an artistic variety which gives everyone something they like

What do you think of the story?
Rating: 5 - Well thought out
The lore of the site is super cute, about big cats that fit into your palm and their silly antics, the NPCs are super cute

How is the community?
Rating: 5 - Open/Friendly
It's a fun, loving community that feels more like family than a community, the Discord chat is always booming, they're always willing to help with site and offsite issues

How is the overall gameplay?
Rating: 5 - Amazing
It's a relaxed paced game that gives everyone something to do, from arcade games, to collecting, breeding, dressing up, there's a lot to do and constant events keep you busy, but not to a stressful degreeĀ 

What is your opinion of the management team?
Rating: 5 - Friendly/Supportive
The mods, guides and admins are always available and strive for the most inclusive and open community. They're always there to help and are very down to earth

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