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Though the site may look a bit "immature and cutesy" at first glance, I assure you, it is much more than that.  I admit, the art leans toward the cute cartoon side and not so much the realistic, but I'd say it works well and really gives the site the relaxing feel that it's treasured for.

Goatlings isn't a new site and has been online for a few years.  However, it recently went through a complete revamp and recode and has come back better than ever!  

The pets are called Goatlings and are acquired by adopting them from the adoption center.  The first goat you get will be in the basic grey color, but that can be changed with ADs.  An AD is short for Appearance Doll.  These are used to change the appearance of your goat into various patterns and designs.  ADs can be acquired in many different ways.  You can buy them from the AD shop, find them through battling, get them through a random event, or just buy them off of other members.  

You can also customize your HA buddy with different clothes, body types, hair, and face expressions that you buy in the HA shop.  Layering can be done using the HA system and adds a lot more to the customization. 

The site also features a battle system.  You can either explore the world of Goatlings and find random "Baddys" and enemy goatlings to battle, or you can head to the Arena to battle set opponents for loot.  Your goatlings have a set amount of health that can be raised through leveling them.  You can also buy weapons and defensive items to help them in battle.  Healing can be done through a magical fountain (costs 1000 Sugar Stars) or through potions.

Goatlings features a few more systems such as games, multiple shops, collections, galleries, a forum, and quests.

All in all, this is a great game that I would recommend to everyone!

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