Review - Fantastic Wolf Sim Game!
What is your overall opinion of the game?
Rating: 5 - Amazing
This is such a fun pet game! I love it! It allows you to have TONS of wolves and breed them to make cool designs. 

What do you think of the artwork?
Rating: 5 - Amazing
I love how the images are layered for the Wajas and you get to move mutations around and dyes when you are applying them.

What do you think of the story?
Rating: 5 - Well thought out
They have so many awesome events and themes that really bring the world to life! The community is just amazing!

How is the community?
Rating: 5 - Open/Friendly
Excellent! I've never been a part of a better community! It's so much fun!

How is the overall gameplay?
Rating: 5 - Amazing
Excellent gameplay! There's rarely any downtime.

What is your opinion of the management team?
Rating: 5 - Friendly/Supportive
The management and design team is amazing! They are super engaging and offer great incentives to be social and a part of the community!

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