Review - I Live in the discord chat and on site!
What is your overall opinion of the game?
Rating: 5 - Amazing
There is so much to do in this game, something for everyone, dressing the pumas, breeding them , creating customs, playing games for pence, tons of festivals all year long, its amazingly awesome and friendliest site ive every been on, staff and players alike, you can collect tons of items or pumas, you can sell items or pumas , its all just awesome!

What do you think of the artwork?
Rating: 5 - Amazing
The artwork is the best ive seen! 

What do you think of the story?
Rating: 5 - Well thought out
there is a different story for every puma, you make your own story, pumas can be made as a memorial that you can write about in their descriptions, or roleplay a story , really what ever you want to do !

How is the community?
Rating: 5 - Open/Friendly
Friendliest people ever, players and staff, have never played a game where the staff is so available and take the players suggestions to heart and implement them as fast as they can!

How is the overall gameplay?
Rating: 5 - Amazing
ive been playing for almost 11 yrs now and have had real life interfer with my gaming and have been able to come back and get right back into it learning all the new things that got implemented whilst i was gone it has been awesome!

What is your opinion of the management team?
Rating: 5 - Friendly/Supportive
Management is the best ever! they care , they listen, they work very hard to make this site the best ever, and they are always available even if its just to chat! 

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