Review - Most unique equine SIM out there
What is your overall opinion of the game?
Rating: 5 - Amazing
When I say this is the most unique equine SIM/pet site out there, I really do mean that with the utmost sincerity. This is the only game I have ever come across that lets players not only crossbreed, but register the resulting crossbred foals as a new breed all their own. Even more fantastic, the game lets players commission custom wearables, decor, genetics and companions from the artist team. This game really has it all; from beauty contests to battles, shows and the unique breeding platform. Not to mention, the art and theme of the entire website are amazingly aesthetically pleasing. The player base is well moderated to avoid the toxicity you see frequently on other games, which helps avoid the feeling of elite players being at the top with no hopes of catching up. The game has realistic genetics and fantasy genetics, so it caters to everyone. 

What do you think of the artwork?
Rating: 5 - Amazing
The artwork is so cohesive across the entire site. The bases, wearables, genetics, decorations and all of the site artwork are gorgeously paired together.

What do you think of the story?
Rating: 5 - Well thought out
The lore surrounding the Celestial Equine world is remarkable in its entirety. Not many SIM/Pet site games have full blown back stories and lore, complete with NPCs and locations. 

How is the community?
Rating: 5 - Open/Friendly
As I said in the above general review, the player base is extremely well moderated and lacks the toxicity and elite player base feel. From what I've gathered, there seems to be a fairy even mix of younger teenage/young adult players as well as older adults and everyone gets along swimmingly.

How is the overall gameplay?
Rating: 5 - Amazing
Though the game might be slightly confusing when you first log on, it's simply because there is SO MUCH to do. If you're finding yourself confused, take a look at the help sections, the forums and even join the discord. The community and staff are ready and willing to help new players thrive in the Celestial Equine world.

What is your opinion of the management team?
Rating: 5 - Friendly/Supportive
The owner, admins, art staff and mods are all active within the discord chats and the forums. If something goes wrong, they fix it as soon as they possibly can. If another player causes an issue for any reason, the staff quickly and efficiently take care of the issue. Overall, the staff are extremely player focused and wonderful people.

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