Review - Juggalette97/306341
What is your overall opinion of the game?
Rating: 5 - Amazing
I"ve been playing for 5 years and it"s one of the few sites that have never made me lose interest. The breeding mechanics are amazing and there are a good amount of waja breeds. They just released a new one, too. I was a little lost going in, but the community helped me and are still just as supportive to this day.

What do you think of the artwork?
Rating: 5 - Amazing
Gorgeous- you can tell that just by the default screen, much less looking around the site. If you spend any amount of time in the custom demo, the way the markings on the wajas blend is amazing.

What do you think of the story?
Rating: 5 - Well thought out
They have a really interesting storyline, and it"s still being expanded upon. They recently did a interactive storyline for Halloween.

How is the community?
Rating: 5 - Open/Friendly
I haven"t seen many people who AREN"T kind and friendly.

How is the overall gameplay?
Rating: 5 - Amazing
It"s fun! There"s games to play, user created games in the forums, and I spend a lot of time in the mining cave.

What is your opinion of the management team?
Rating: 5 - Friendly/Supportive
Really cool. You can see them around the forums a good bit, they"re really fun to talk to. Also, I love the little jibes at each other you can see in their threads.

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