Top Sites - Monthly

Wolf Soul is an in-development, fantasy-sim game in which you, the player, takes on the persona of a wolf god and protects a pack. You lead them through their trials and tribulations as well as interact with the higher, more important gods and goddesses.

Enter a realm of dreams. A wondrous world of flying, fire-breathing ... DRAGONS (and other mythical beasties)! Breed them, battle them, give them items and let them play games suited to their unique stats.

Enter Gothicat World, a new magic world with mystical creatures. Adopt and take care of them, there are some features like explorations, games, events, customization and more to come !

WindRose is a free browser game designed to inspire users to explore, experiment, and discuss.

Solpets is a virtual pet site community that strives to offer a friendly and inviting atmosphere.

Eliyo is a fantasy world ripe for exploration. The main focus is on turn based battling and breeding with dynamic image generation.

Kaylune is story-driven virtual pet site launching on September 4th, 2015 at 6:00pm EST with an emphasis on world exploration.

A virtual pet click game where you can battle your dogs and expand your pack!

You have to teach your pet how to behave you way you like, you can teach him/her anypossible thing. Like saying or doing something when a particular action occurs, not doing something, ... You also have to take care of your pet, feed him/her, heal,...

Mysgardia is a free browser-based adoptable site, where the goal is to collect and raise powerful, magical creatures. Members can breed, trade, sell, and pound their pets, as well as explore the lands of Mysgardia.

Novilar is a free online Virtual Pet RPG. Choose your destiny and go on adventures in a dynamic world alongside customizable animal companions.

Foodbabs is a breeding-oriented pet game that features food-based adoptables. The game is currently in open alpha, so many features have yet to be added.

Xanje is an open and welcoming site. Each pet is unique. There are many different species, colors, and patterns.

The pantheons are not always agreeable, but know that without help from the outside they will have not one to follow the ways of old. You can choose to help fight for the land of myths and dreams, or let it burn to the ground, the choice is yours.

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